“Passion I’ve heard, but knowledge and passion? These are what David communicates, not only for this country, but knowledge of the founding fathers’ words and intent. David mixes in just the right amount of humor to keep it lively and entertaining. Rarely, have there been times I looked around and didn’t realize everyone was hanging on his every word. His presentation is always fresh, never condescending. David also understands his audience which again makes his words so palatable. I would highly encourage you to consider David to speak to your group.”

Pastor Lee Floyd
Breakthrough Christian Center
Gulfport, MS


“Thank you so very much for giving of your time and talents!  I can certainly see that this is GOD at work, and we are destiny.  It is so awesome to be part of this great movement to take back our country and constitution.  I think if you have a schedule of classes during the year, we would like to encourage and promote them from our meetings, and our website. We would like to be part of your success in getting the word out.”

Cara Adams
Summerville 912 Group
Summerville, SC


“Most people have no framework in their thinking with which to comprehend these concepts. Years of anti-America effort in the Public School, colleges and universities, the culture, etc., to where the vast majority would rather not be bothered by what is said or written pertaining to the founding of this country. They have no clue to the precarious position the country is in. But I love reading your stuff David. I can remember some great times we had discussing these things when you lived in Idaho.”

Twin Falls, ID

2 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Mjeffcoat says:

    I mirror what Cara says. Dave, thank you so much for giving us your time and your knowledge and we look forward to seeing you at our meetings in the future as we explore the real meaning and intent of the constitution.

    Mark Jeffcoat
    West Ashley 9/12 Group
    Charleston, SC

  2. John says:

    The Summerville 9-12 Project has over 800 members. We have been enlightened and motivated by a variety of impressive speakers at our monthly meetings, but none more positively received than David.

    His knowledge and entertaining style, both exceptional, are out done by his conviction and love for the U.S. Constitution.

    David, you are a Great American, and I call you friend.

    John Hull
    The Summerville 9-12 Project

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