Oops, He Did It AGAIN!

| June 17, 2012

Well, maybe “oops” is giving him way TOO MUCH of a benefit of the doubt. The D.I.C (Dictator-In-Chief, for those unfamiliar with this website) has once again shown his utter disdain, and disregard for the Constitution. Although the D.I.C took an oath to “support, defend and uphold the Constitution,” he has repeatedly exhibited a practice […]

More on Congress and Parliament of the 1700’s

| June 1, 2012

If you can read all of this post without getting angry, infuriated, nauseated and motivated to see a revolution this year in the ballot box, then you have no passion or love for this country. This evening I was out eating, and I must say I will never go back to that establishment again. Now, […]

Government and Sovereignty

| May 20, 2012

History is my most fickle friend, rarely does he respond to the question I ask of him. There are times when the answer I pursue is discovered easily, in the most obvious of places. Then there are those times when the search takes months and years. At other times I go looking for one answer […]

Missing the Mark… WHY?

| May 13, 2012

Last night I posted “Missing the Mark and Meaning of the Revolution“, and this morning I realized I didn’t really get into “why” I think this. If you read the post, you may have an idea, but let me tell you my reasoning. A year and a half ago I discovered that my Great-great-great-great-great grandfather […]

Missing the Mark and Meaning of the Revolution

| May 13, 2012

These days I continue to be amazed at the lack of understanding of the American public, in general, regarding the causes and reasons for the American Revolution. Ask anyone you meet, “Why did we seek independence for England in the American Revolution?” And invariably you will get one of two answers; 1) taxation or 2) […]

Another Jefferson Diamond

| March 27, 2012

Recently on facebook “The Federalist Papers” posted a quote often attributed to Thomas Jefferson. I, in turn, “shared” the post and received a few comments on it from my friends. These comments, and my insatiable curiosity drove me to investigate the quote and read its original source, if I could. Almost immediately I discovered the […]

Splitting the Vote

| March 14, 2012

Tonight we witnessed the wonders of the American Federal Republic in action once again. The awesome right and privilege to vote is one of those great responsibilities so often ignored by an apathetic America. Even as I write these words I am reminded of the first free election held in Iraqi history in 2005. Despite […]

Modern Federal Tyranny

| March 12, 2012

Much is said today about the original intent of the founding fathers, both Federalists and Anti-Federalist, in the drafting of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. For me this chasm becomes larger and more obvious with each new discovery from the pages of history. Then the sense of disgust, shock, dismay and antagonism grows with […]

How Far We Have Fallen!

| March 5, 2012

Recently, on another forum, I was asked a question about the origin of the phrase “separation of Church and State.” As a part of answering the question, and desiring to quote Jefferson directly, I found the text of his letter online at the Library of Congress. (Click here to be taken to that letter.) When […]

UN – It’s Time!

| March 2, 2012

After years of continuing disregard for the most basic principles of its charter, not only by the General Assembly, but by the majority of its various committees, groups, organizations and most importantly by member nations, the time is now for us, that is US to defund and exit this despicable international body. And just what […]

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