An Open Letter to My Friends

Posted By on January 26, 2017

Dear Friends,

Over the past year, and especially the past almost three months, I have been subjected to an almost continuous diatribe of ridicule and insults directed at the now President of these United States, Donald Trump. These have been perpetrated by a biased, and dare I say it, prejudiced liberal media, and the demagogues of the Democratic Party. I have heard snickers, and received personal insults resulting from my supportive comments of the President, and most of them are baseless and lack substance, and are simply prejudicial.

Prejudice is an insidious demon that, in the words of Merriam-Webster, develops “so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent.” I have come to witness how the comments and derogatory remarks against President Trump, are just that prejudiced.

One thing I have learned in my life is only knowledge counteracts prejudice, and that knowledge must be based on facts, and not assumptions. We in America have lost our ability to learn, to research, and to critical evaluate what we read. When I take the words of someone who is prejudiced, and accept them as truth, then I become prejudiced. Further, to truly be able to evaluate a person, a subject, a teaching, or even a news report, I must open myself up to, in a word, read the opposition, those who are against the position I hold.

When the Presidential campaign cycle began for our latest election, I remained open as to who I would both support and who would receive my precious vote as a citizen of these United States. I listened to the various candidates, I researched their comments, and I listened some more. Initially, I was not enamored, or even supportive of President Trump. Yet, over the course of months, I was drawn to his message, and his person.

One thing I did, which few have done, was to research media articles on then Mr. Trump published before he announced his candidacy. These articles are quite telling, yes, quite telling. Again, before, he chose to run for the office of President, Mr. Trump as praised and lauded from those same media outlets who now excoriate him. He was praised for his treatment of minorities, for his promotions of women and minorities, for his financial dealings, and his generosity to those struggling financially. Forbes magazine even praised and defended his handling of the bankruptcies, sometimes forced upon him by mismanagement by subordinates and companies who had purchased properties from him. He received award after award for his civil and equal rights accomplishments. And the list could go on and on.

This man, who has been accused of the most horrendous forms of racism, has throughout his adult life done things which directly countered and destroyed racism. The golf course in West Palm Beach, Florida is a prime example. When friends were prohibited from golfing there by racist policies, what did Mr. Trump do? He bought the golf course and open it to all, regardless of race or creed.

I listen to lengthy one-on-one interviews with candidate Trump. He was respectful, polite, and thoughtful. He was calm and reserved, and gave answers which revealed a deep insight, and a breadth of knowledge which was unequaled by many of the other candidates. All the while, he gradually won me over. (It must be noted that up until the day I cast my vote in the Texas Presidential Primary, I continued to wrestle with my choice.) But, when I made my decision, my decision was made and I did jump on “the Trump Train.”

So, now, are you listening to those voices and media sources which are biased and prejudiced, and provide you nothing short of “fake” news? How do you respond when the President of the AFL-CIO comes out of a meeting with President Trump singing his praises and lauding him for the respect he showed to these leaders who so vehemently opposed him during the election cycle? Did they, and he (the President of the AFL-CIO) hear and experience something you are missing due to the sources of your news?

I would encourage you to consider your positions, and your prejudices. Yes, your prejudices. You are guilty of prejudging, and wrongly I might add, our President. Yes, he is our President. For those of you who are Jewish, our teachings encourage us to judge a man by his actions, in addition to his words, but his actions are more important. Are you judging the man by the 8-10 seconds snippets and misquotes, or are you judging him by his actions, and the entirety of his words and actions throughout his lifetime?

I am growing tired of your prejudicial rantings and ravings which are based on prejudiced and biased fake news. If you are an advocate who fights prejudice, then you must recognize your own prejudice.

Prejudice will only increase our divisions, and harm our country. Overcoming prejudice and giving peace and calmer heads a chance will draw us together, and make us stronger. Learn the lessons of the 1860 Presidential Election. Continued animosity, anger, and demagoguery will only lead to further destruction and pain.

I respect your right to disagree, but, please disagree with facts and not assumptions. Disagree using valid examples and non-prejudicial judgments based on historic facts, and not the heat of a volatile Presidential campaign.

Let us come together. Let us undertake respectful civil discourse. Let us converse and work together for the common good.


David Bozarth

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