Justice Shall You Pursue

Posted By on October 11, 2016

tzedekOn the eve of Yom Kippur all thoughts turn to Justice. One of the primary values of Judaism is, “Tzedek, tzedek, tirdof,” “Justice, justice you shall pursue.” (Deut. 16:20) This has been a cornerstone of Judaism and America.

This should be a major, if not primary concern for every American voter, and especially American Jews this final month before the 2016 Presidential Election. Justice, our political system was built upon it. Justice, our system of laws was founded on it. Justice, our government and the Rule of Law have been intended to support it, and to work within it. Justice, our lives, our sovereignty, our courts, our government, our society depends on it. Should JUSTICE cease, fail, OR fall by the wayside, everything we know, love and cherish will cease to exist.

As a person, my life depends upon justice, and my family depends on justice. I live my life, do my work, and practice my faith relying on justice. I have served on juries, and practiced justice. As a manager, my management style, and how I deal with employees are dependent upon the concepts and the value of justice. I have been confronted with situations which have ultimately come down to making a decision rested on the proper application of justice.

This election year, now, my vote is being determined by JUSTICE.

One of the abiding concepts I’ve learned in my life is, “Actions speak louder than words.” Yes, words are important, but even more importantly, it is ACTIONS which reveal the true nature of a man or a woman. Should I judge someone by what they say, or what they do, or have done? Which is a more reliable source of evidence, words or actions? As a manager, it is your actions to which I will hold you accountable. You tell me one thing, and do another, it is what you did that will hold the day. If you say you will doing something and don’t, your actions will be the determination of my response. Should you tell me you won’t, or can’t, do something, then do it, and succeed, it is your success that will win my praise and approbation. Actions, what have you done. I don’t care if your a subordinate manager, a supervisor, or the average employee, you will all be measured by your actionsNOT your position, status, income, or looks. This is justice. In fact, the higher your position, the greater your responsibility, the greater you will be held to account for your actions. JUSTICE.

So, here we sit, on the verge of one of the most important presidential elections in my lifetime. How do I respond using the value of “tzedek, tzedek tirdof,” “justice, justice shall you pursue?”

On one side, we are presented a candidate who has perverted justice for her entire life. In one of her first cases as a lawyer, she got a guilty man off on a technicality, THEN attacked and slandered an INNOCENT VICTIM. She was fired from the team investigating President Nixon for ethics violations. Her husband has harassed women, and committed multiple extra-marital affairs his entire life, while she defends him, enables his immorality, and, again, slanders his victims. She has lied under oath to Congress – oops, perjury – AND the American public. (Perjury is the PERVERSION of JUSTICE!) She has placed herself above the law at all levels, local, state, national and international. She and her team have ignored AND violated court orders and subpeonas. Subpeonas, court orders to ESTABLISH and SUPPORT JUSTICE. She has violated law after law covering national security, then lied, minimized, and supplanted the processes. NOT JUSTICE. She, and her husband, consider themselves to be above the law, above JUSTICE. Her ACTIONS speak LOUDER than her WORDS.

I could go on, and on, and on, on how she has PERVERTED JUSTICE throughout her entire life, and even continues to this very day.

On the other side, we have a candidate who is rough, gruff, and crass. Who speaks his mind, and isn’t afraid of offending with his words. There have been multiple accusations, even a few contrary court decisions, but never has there been a perversion of justice, at least any that have been substantiated within a court of law. We have a man who wishes to hold all Americans to the same standard, Justice. Yes, his words have been offensive, rude, crude, and often socially unacceptable, BUT his actions have been, and should be that upon which decisions are made. He has committed to upholding Justice and law for ALL Americans, AND to appoint judges and justices who will uphold the Rule of Law and JUSTICE. His positive ACTIONS speak LOUDER than his negative WORDS.

Therefore, if you value JUSTICE, if you pursue JUSTICE, then the choice is clear, or at least apparent. Do you support and vote for someone who’s ACTIONS and LIFE are examples of a lifestyle of PERVERTING JUSTICE at every level, who’s life is evidence of lie after lie, and perjury, OR do you vote AGAINST  a person with such a record. You don’t have to vote FOR the other, but you SHOULD vote FOR JUSTICE.

As one who values JUSTICE I will NEVER vote for a Clinton!

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