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Posted By on May 19, 2013

Red_PhoneDuring my lifetime I have had to take many calls at inconvenient times, as a father, a senior technician, a manager and even as a friend. Many of these required interruptions to my plans, sleep and often comfort. In these cases I had to be ready to hear the other party and make clear decisions when necessary. The decisions had to consider many options and required actions, but of course none ever rose to the level of threats to national security, even though some did have to take into consideration lapses in security to military assets.

In the 2008 Presidential Campaign Hillary Clinton produced a commercial which begged the question of who was properly prepared to take a crisis phone call at 3AM. Voters were asked to consider who they wanted taking a call on a phone in the White House when “something has happened in the world.” Would you want someone with experience and knowledge, or someone who lacks that experience? The clear implication was that Hillary had the necessary experience while Barack Obama lacked it. The Obama campaign’s response was to deflect the substance and limit the impact by focusing on how the commercial played on the fears and emotions of the public.

Well, now it has become evident that neither of these two, Hillary Clinton and President Obama, were prepared, or willing to take the tough call and make the critical decisions regarding an ongoing attack on an American Consulate, even though the call came early in the evening. As a result, four brave Americans were killed that night.

There are those reading this who would state this has been investigated and these to incompetent individuals have been cleared. The problem is they were “cleared” by an internal group that had been appointed by them. That’s like asking my daughters to adequately, and impartially investigate me, or worse to have a committee I’ve paid for, I selected and I put in place to investigate me. Even the least critical person would admit this type of scenario reeks partiality and collusion.

Further, all the evidence and possible evidence has not been reviewed. There remain approximately 20,000 to 25,000 subpoenaed documents which have not been released. But those which have been released reveal a damning possibility of conclusions.

We have no idea where the supposed Commander-In-Chief was on this evening, even though the White House makes every effort to account for his location in almost every other major event. Additionally, we have no idea even where he was, and have been told today that this is an “irrelevant fact.” (Stated by Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer on a Sunday morning show today, May 19, 2013.)

Really? Irrelevant? An American consulate was under attack, the life of the American ambassador in jeopardy – and eventually lost, additional assets and personnel remained under attack and the location and actions of the Commander-In-Chief are irrelevant? Military forces who could have responded were told to “stand down,” and where their commander was, and what he was doing is irrelevant? This is a colossal failure of leadership, in fact, Leadership 101 – the most basic of leadership skills.

We’ve been told there were no American forces who could have arrived in time to save the ambassador or the men killed at the CIA safe house. How did they know this? When the call first came in from Mr. Hicks that the consulate was under attack no one knew how long the attack would last. True there was a lull in the attack, but again, how was it known if the attack would resume? when the attack would resume? and how the the resumed attack would last?

Without the remainder of the subpoenaed documents we are left to make only suppositions based on what has come to light, and the suppositions are damning:

  1. The President did not want to assent to anything which contradicted his stated position that Al Qaeda was no longer a viable terrorist force, and presented little or no threat to America assets.
  2. It made the President look very bad in the midst of a re-election campaign, thus threatening that re-election.
  3. Both the President and the Secretary of State were both incompetent and inadequately prepared to confront a major security crisis, even though they had been warned of a threat earlier.
  4. Worst of all, if they did know there was inadequate time for a military response, then the only way they could have known was to be in collusion and communication with the forces attacking the consulate itself. OH MY!

The Administration and its cohorts have made numerous counterclaims, but the problem with each one is revealed facts and communications invalidate each one:

  • Not enough time — Whistle-blowers and reliable anonymous sources have detailed the timeline and location of forces who could have responded within the time frame of that horrible night.
  • The talking points were those provided by the CIA — the trail of disclosed documents reveal the final version did not resemble the CIA’s in any way AND that the Director of the CIA General Petraeus disagreed with the final version.
  • Republicans have cut funding for embassy and consulate security — FACT, spending has increased over the past few years.

There is much more which is available and could be noted, but these are available through multiple other sources, including ABC News investigative reports. We are confronted with an Administration and a State Department which are, and have been run by individuals incapable of making critical, leadership decisions. These leaders have been, and are only interested in keeping their power and perpetuating their lies. There is a coverup surrounding the events and communications regarding the Benghazi Consulate attack on September 11th, 2012, and it is just another example of the ongoing incompetence of this Administration and its lackeys.

It is time, no high time they are held accountable for their ineffective actions, and dangerous inaction. Neither the President, or his earlier accuser Hillary Clinton were or are qualified to answer that critical call at 3 AM when something happens in the world, let alone a call that came at around 5:15 PM Washington time.

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