The Ignorance of the Masses AND the Media!

Posted By on November 8, 2012

I’ve always been taught there is a difference between ignorance and stupidity; ignorance you can fix, but stupid is beyond help. Never are these two in greater display than during election campaigns and on Election Day. Oh, I almost forgot, then there is arrogance and elitism manifested in the media. During these times the American public just sits back and glibly sucks it all in, not thinking or asking critical questions.

There are two events which I utterly and completely HATE, 1) media broadcasts of planned political speeches and 2) Election Day programming broadcasting the returns. Yes, I HATE these with a burning, fiery passion and unmitigated gall. For the speeches, I refuse to turn to the channel carrying the live event prior to the last couple of minutes before the speech begins. WHY? Because the only thing on is the pre-speech analysis where these self-consumed talking heads tell us what the person is going to speak on and what he/she is going to say during the speech. SHUT UP! I’m an intelligent person who understands the English language I can hear the words myself without your all fired importance trying to impress me with how much you know. (You really only end up making yourself out to be stupid and arrogant.) Then, as soon as the speech is finished, they go into these unending diatribes explaining the poor uneducated masses what was just said, like WE DIDN’T JUST HEAR IT! Idiots!

And then there is the second thing, election return broadcasts! Oh My God! The complete and utter arrogance, ignorance and often stupidity of the reports is astounding. They “call,” or “project” wins before even a small smidgen of the votes have been tallied. Last night, for instance, FoxNews “projected” Obama to win Pennsylvania with only 4% of the votes being reported. What complete B…S…! All of the networks called Ohio, and it continued to vacillate back and forth ALL NIGHT! This morning before 6 AM they were still calling Ohio as a win for Obama and there were 2-3 times as many UNCOUNTED VOTES as the difference between the tallies for the two candidates. In other words, Ohio could have still just as easily went to Romney as late as early this morning.

Then comes the ultimate ignorance, when they declare the winner! Wrong, wrong, WRONG!! On Election Day night the individual with the highest vote count and/or PROJECTED Electoral College votes is ONLY  the Projected or Presumptive winner. We are still over a month, yes a month, away from the winner. Before the winner can be declared, each State’s Attorney General must certify the results for their State. Until this is done we’re still not even HALFWAY to a winner. Then the Electors for the Electoral College must be assigned and sent to Washington to cast their votes on the First Monday after the Second Wednesday of December. STILL NO ELECTED President. Finally, the results of the Electoral College must be read before a joint session of Congress on January 6th. Now, yes NOW the election is over and the Election results are final, and NOW we have a newly elected President, not before, and this is two months after Election Day.

This is how our Presidential election works. So, to declare on Election Day night we have a winner is just plain and simple STUPID. Why don’t you tell Harry Truman how Dewey defeated his re-election bid in 1948? The press and the media declared Dewey the winner, only to be embarrassed when ALL the votes HAD BEEN counted.

Why don’t you tell Andrew Jackson that he was elected President in 1824, only to have that entire election turned on its head in 1825? After all the votes had been counted Jackson had 41.3% of the vote, John Quincy Adams had 30.9%, Henry Clay had 13% and William H. Crawford had 11.2%. There was no clear majority of Electoral College votes. Therefore, by the conditions of the 12th Amendment the election then fell to the House of Representatives. Henry Clay withdrew and the House voted for Adams. Needless to say Jackson was just a little upset.

Watch tomorrow for an article on the importance of the Electoral College and how we still need it today.


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