Oops, He Did It AGAIN!

Posted By on June 17, 2012

Well, maybe “oops” is giving him way TOO MUCH of a benefit of the doubt. The D.I.C (Dictator-In-Chief, for those unfamiliar with this website) has once again shown his utter disdain, and disregard for the Constitution. Although the D.I.C took an oath to “support, defend and uphold the Constitution,” he has repeatedly exhibited a practice and propensity to usurp powers beyond that of the office of the President, to disregard and circumvent the laws legally established by the Congress, to establish new “laws” when Congress has failed to pass his desired legislation, to trample on the inalienable rights of the people to freely practice their chosen religious beliefs without the interference of the Federal Government, oh, how the list could go on and on and on and on…

Neglect of the principles of the constitution by the public functionary is a substitution of aristocracy, for a representative democracy: such a person no longer regards himself as the trustee, and agent of the people, but as a ruler whose authority is independent of the people, to whom he holds himself in no manner accountable; and he so degenerates into an usurper and a tyrant. (Note B, in Tucker’s Blackstone, 1803.) Emphases added.

The D.I.C has continually displayed these characteristics and practices of neglecting “the principles of the constitution.” Recently, he issued a change in policy by the administration that effectively states they will not abide by the legally established immigration laws passed by Congress and signed into law previously. He has attempted to get such measures passed by Congress, but they have failed to pass with the necessary votes. If this is such an important issue, then why is the voice of the people, through their lawfully elected representatives, being circumvented? With a national election only four and a half months away, couldn’t this have waited for the people to state their preference by replacing those members of Congress who voted against such a measure, and thus upheld the Constitutional separation of powers, keeping the legislation within the bounds of the Legislative Branch? If this is such a critical issue, where is the emergency?

Many pundits from the so-called center, moderates and right have recognized this for just what it is, a political stratagem in an attempt to secure more votes for a failing presidency. The D.I.C, his administration and his campaign staff recognize how the American public is not buying his touted “success” in economic reform. They realize the much vaunted success and prowess in foreign affairs in nothing more than the stumblings of an inexperienced, power hungry buffoon; even our allies see this and are distancing themselves from the D.I.C. They observe his falling numbers in poll after poll, even among his establish base; among the Jewish community there has been a sharp decline of over 20% in just the last month, while at the same time among African-Americans it has decreased by almost as much. We are seeing the ploys and distractions that are simply meant to distract us from the key issues of this election season.

Is this really about jobs? I don’t think so, for if it were, wouldn’t we see these targeted jobs being advertised as vacant across the land? Yet, in report after report we find employment down, and job creation abysmal. There are no jobs for the young citizens and legal aliens within our borders, let alone for a new influx of illegal aliens. If the Administration were to exhibit integrity and honesty in reporting we should see a marked increase in the unemployment figures next month, as this mass of youngsters is added to the roles of the unemployed and would receive unemployment compensation.

The D.I.C has shown himself to no longer be a trustee of the people, or the Constitution, and holds himself aloof, above the concerns of adhering to such an out of date agent of control. Truly he is exhibiting on every front that he truly is “an usurper and a tyrant.”

But the most easy and successful mode in which an aristocracy commences, or advances, consists in the secret and gradual abuse of the confidence of the people, in a representative democracy. Slight, and sometimes even imperceptible innovations, occasional usurpations, founded upon the pretended emergency of the occasion; or upon former unconstitutional precedents; the introduction of the doctrines of constructive grants of power; of the duty of self-preservation in a government, however constituted, or however limited…

The only preventative lies in the vigilance of the people. Where the people are too numerous, or too much dispersed to deliberate upon the conduct of their public agents, or too supine to watch over that conduct, the representative will soon render himself paramount to, and independent of, his constituents; and then the people may bid a long farewell to all their happiness. (Note B, in Tucker’s Blackstone, 1803.) Emphases added

Time and again the Federal Government has created some presumed emergency to justify their usurpations. In my lifetime I have observed numerous such events, and then watched the people sit “supinely” by as the government encroached once again on our rights, granted by “Nature and Nature’s God,” those inalienable rights so essential, so dear to the citizens of America. Now, once again, our voice, our representation is being trampled upon.

Oh, but David, you don’t understand, these young people were brought here by their parents, they had no say in the matter, their innocent. Oh, but David, they have gone to schools, colleges and universities and have become good citizens of the United States.

First, they were here illegally, THAT’S A CRIME. They shouldn’t have been allowed to attend public schools, IT’S AGAINST THE LAW. They could not legally attend any college or university, THAT TOO IS AGAINST THE LAW. If they did go to college or university, how did they pay for it? IT’S AGAINST THE LAW FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS TO RECEIVE ANY STUDENT LOANS OR GRANTS. So, they have at the very least committed FRAUD, and DECEPTION, or their “evil” parents had to circumvent the legally enacted laws of this country. No other nation on Earth allows this.

So, once again it comes back to us, you and me. Are we going to sit idly by and watch the usurpation continue? Are we going to be supine, yet again, and let the Constitution we have established be ignored, circumvented, pushed aside and trampled upon? Or are we going to stand up for America, to make it great once again?

As for me and my house,

I’ll gladly stand up, pledge to you, and defend her still today. ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land, God bless the U.S.A.

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