Missing the Mark… WHY?

Posted By on May 13, 2012

Last night I posted “Missing the Mark and Meaning of the Revolution“, and this morning I realized I didn’t really get into “why” I think this. If you read the post, you may have an idea, but let me tell you my reasoning.

A year and a half ago I discovered that my Great-great-great-great-great grandfather Jonathan Bozarth fought in the Revolutionary War in the Virginia Militia. With that discovery came another one, his son – John Bozarth – served as a captain in the Virginia Militia during the War of 1812. Now I had a direct familial link to the founding events of the united States of America. My grandfathers suffered great deprivations to both obtain and secure the freedoms so often taken for granted, how much more should I fight to carry on my family’s legacy?

When you read the post mentioned above it becomes apparent that in the last century and a half, the years following the Civil War, we have allowed our federal government to become the very thing we fought so dearly to free ourselves from. Our forefathers struggled to free this nation from the bonds of European tyranny and the problems associated with the Divine Right of Kings, only to have their descendants strive to become more like Europe so we could be accepted in the world of nations. By carefully comparing the charges within the Declaration of Independence, with an open mind, we discover our current government is guilty of possibly 70% of those same charges.

It is a shame, and humiliating to come to this realization. This is the result of a lack of knowledge regarding the reasons for the American Revolution, and the form of government provided for within the Constitution. When we truly endeavor to learn the truths about American History we discover that, much like the admonitions within the Christian Bible, “professing to be wise we have become fools.” Nowhere is the maxim more apparent than in the current political parties (almost ALL of them, yes, even the Libertarian, Constitutional and Tea Parties), the halls of Congress, the White House, within the Supreme Court and especially within the “hallowed” halls of academia.

Our elementary, middle and high schools are producing graduates who are ignorant in real American History, having only received the watered down, politically sensitized and properly censured version acceptable by the ACLU and the NEA. These graduates proceed to our colleges and universities and even there, with rare exception, the instruction in American History is even worse, being polluted and corrupted in ways to push forward a specific political agenda filled with the principles of socialism, communism, humanism, secularism and European governmental exceptionalism. MAKES ME SICK! All of this has the intended results… APATHY and INDIFFERENCE.

I firmly believe if we better understood the REAL history of America, we would have different responses to the craziness in Washington, DC. We would no longer elect and re-elect people of questionable integrity and motives. We would severely limit the terms of these idiots.

Yes, we have become the very thing that rebelled against in 1776. We have allowed our government to become the very thing we despised… a TYRANNY!!

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  1. David Bozarth says:

    Richard, via Facebook, commented, “so . . . what would a modern day Virginia Militia member propose as an acceptable solution to the problem of tyranny you speak of?”

  2. David Bozarth says:

    Richard, the actions were mentioned here in “Missing the Mark… Why?” and in the first article, “Missing the Mark and Meaning of the Revolution.” (a link to the first article is available at the beginning of this post)

    First, as stated above, we must all endeavor to educate ourselves in the real, uncensored, politically incorrect and actual history of these united States. Until we truly understand the why’s and the wherefore’s of American history, we will never fully appreciate what was given to us. We MUST understand the principle of “Divine Right of Kings” as practiced in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Europe, and realize how we have been duped into submitting to this principle by the transformation of the US government.

    Second, we then must elected individuals who adhere to the principles upon which this nation was founded. Who will adhere to the Constitutional principles of limited government. Who realize how much of a lie referring to the Constitution as a “living, breathing document” really is. Who will seek to change the Constitution by amendment rather than by changing the meaning of its words. And who will enforce the Constitutional principle of “separation of powers” through the firm usage of “Checks and Balances.”

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