Modern Federal Tyranny

Posted By on March 12, 2012

Much is said today about the original intent of the founding fathers, both Federalists and Anti-Federalist, in the drafting of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. For me this chasm becomes larger and more obvious with each new discovery from the pages of history. Then the sense of disgust, shock, dismay and antagonism grows with each passing day and the continuing edict issued by the current Obama Administration, Congress and the Federal Courts. Either they are completely ignorant of history, or they are conducting a well thought out plan of destruction of America and the government we instituted so long ago.

Recently I was engaged in a discussion on another online forum I sought to answer some questions regarding the “separation of Church and State” comment made by Thomas Jefferson in his letter to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802. As I reread this letter (click here for its full text) I came to the realization that I have never read the letter to which this was a reply. I wondered if this first letter might be available online. A simple search, and less than a minute later I was reading the letter. (Click here for the text of the Danbury Baptist Association to Jefferson.)

First, it is revealing that these men, as well as Jefferson, never refer to the “Freedom of Religion” as a “First Amendment Right.” There is a clear knowledge this right is an inalienable right, granted by the Federal Government. In fact, they were aghast at such suggestions and opinions. They were very adamant that such a position is contrary to “Our ancient charter” and the intentions of the Revolutionary War. Here I was reading words which confirmed my conclusions drawn after many years of research and long hours of contemplation. Yet, here we see it was common knowledge a mere ten years after the ratification of the Bill of Rights. How far we have fallen! But my greatest confirmation was yet to come, in the very next paragraph.

The very first sentence of the third paragraph is the most telling of all for our current situation in America, and the absolute necessity to replace every single solitary IDIOT currently holding elected office, every IDIOT occupying a position in the Federal Government – regardless of which branch it is under (i.e. Executive, Legislative or Judicial), and , yes, every single IDIOT holding a position as Judge in the Judicial Courts. Let’s look at the text:

Sir, we are sensible that the President of the United States, is not the national legislator, and also sensible that the national government cannot destroy the Laws of each State… (Emphases added)

If I were a “typical” modern historian I could draw all manner of conclusions from just this portion of the letter, and I think I will, even though the entire context of the letter is just as damning.

The DIC (that’s Dictator-In-Chief for those of you who have not been following this site over the past month, and is directed towards our current Socialist, Communist, Progressive occupant of the White House) with almost every single edict coming from the Oval Office, the Justice Department and all of the various departments of the Executive Branch. Weekly, no, daily we are subjected to a barrage of un-Constitutional Executive Orders, directives and statements from this man who supposedly is a “Constitutional scholar.”  If he is, then he is the most destructive president to the ideals and tenets of the original intents of the Constitution this nation has ever elected. “The President of the United States, is not the national legislator…”

Not only are the DIC, and his minions guilty of these dire violations, but also almost every piece of legislation proceeding from the very halls of Congress. It is amazing how even the “Conservative” Republicans sponsor and initiate acts in violation of the principles mentioned in the Danbury Baptist Association’s letter. “The national government cannot destroy the Laws of each State…” How often are laws coming out of the District of Columbia, trump, negate or overrule State Laws?

I would really like to see every single candidate, for every elected national office come to grips with this statement. I would really like to hear the answer of every justice and judge to this letter. Then if their response is contrary, or if they try to explain how we live in a different time than the Founders, and they could not have possibly thought of “everything,” then for the electorate – that’s you and me – to “FIRE” them by sending them home to the public sector. We need, no, we require office holders who will understand and uphold the principles of a Federal Republic, and not a stinking democracy.

We need to wake up. We need to learn the truth about the founding of this great country, or we shall all become subjects of one of the greatest tyrannies the world has ever known.


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