The Tyrant’s Way

Posted By on February 16, 2012

Driving along this afternoon I began thinking about history. So, what’s so unique about that? I’m a history buff, and sometimes that’s all I think about. Sometimes it does make for a very boring life. But then again, at least having learned the lessons of history I’m always on guard to not repeat, and recognize its mistakes.

Anyway, I was thinking about the illustrious Dictator-In-Chief (DIC) and how he cannot take responsibility for any of his initiatives that have failed, or even fallen far short. He is constantly blaming someone else, President Bush, the Congress, the Right, the economists, the list goes on and on and on and on and… So, back to thinking about history, I began reviewing in my mind a list of tyrants I could recall quickly. Let’s see, there is Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Sadam Hussein, King George III (British monarch during the War for American Independence, in case you’ve forgotten), I could even list every dictator of the 20th Century. They all had similar traits.

What would be some of the traits all tyrants share? Let’s see, there would be; they are all narcissists, all ignored the will of the people, all ignored established national law, all made their own laws circumventing the representative legislatures, all either tried to or did stack the make up of the legislative bodies, all were very thin skinned and could not take criticism, all were very poor leaders (from a leadership perspective), all were ideologues, all practiced demagoguery and political assassinations – before they began their actual killing sprees, and all of them had their own scapegoat upon which to blame all the ills of the nation.

Does the DIC fit into that mold anywhere that you can see, or am I alone in my analysis? The DIC continues his habit of not taking responsibility for any of the failures or hardships experienced during the period of his regime. The DIC blatantly circumvents the Constitution and the Congress. Well, I think about the only thing he hasn’t accomplished in the above list is the actual killing of his opponents.

It time that we helped him take some responsibility for his failures by firing him and kicking him out of the White House! Who knows what he will try if given a second term.

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  1. Bobbie says:

    Narcissism is a Dangerous Mental disorder!

    I know, I was married to an Obama for many years. I finally saw the light, but not until I was almost killed!

    It is so sad that so many Americans do not know how important their vote is!

    I am afraid, because we have such a poor choice of candidates, that Obama will win!

    If he does, it will be the end of a Free America. It will then be a Communist Amerika!

    I consider Obama one of the most sinister, evil people in this world. I am so happy I do not live in the Chicago area. I would have pulled all of my hair out by now.

    The only way I believe any of the 3 top tier candidates have a chance of winning against Obama is to put Paul on as his VP. Paul could pull all the youth vote and Older Patriotic Consititution lover Mine…in their favor. He could turn this economy around. He would not be commander in chief, so no worries about the foreign policy. He believes in Congress declaring war and then going after anyone who attacks us. So he is not as bad as everyone thinks.
    But could you imagine a Romney/Paul ticket? I doubt Santorum would ask Paul because of his HATE for Libertarians and is OBVIOUS HATE for Paul on stage in debates.

    I reiterate…If we do not get Obama out…we are burnt toast! I see the same things happening here that happened in Germany…the deaths of Christians, Jews, and anyone who is against Obama.

    The End of Times.

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