The Dictator-In-Chief’s Compromise?

Posted By on February 12, 2012

Dictators rarely make compromises that depart from their core motivations. We see this lesson throughout history. They ignore the rights and will of the people, flippantly negotiate with no intention of yielding anything meaningful and flout established law or constitutions. My mind is drawn to that very telling incident in September of 1938 when British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain upon returning from the Munich Conference with Adolf Hitler, declared, “I believe it is peace for our time.” We now know there would be no peace in their time and that the agreement only emboldened Hitler, convincing him England and France would do nothing to stop him.

Today we have a man occupying the White House who follows the pattern of dictatorial rule. He disregards the will of the people with the policies he presents to Congress. Further, if Congress doesn’t act to suit his desires he simply circumvents them through edicts, oh, I’m sorry Executive Orders, or directives to his subordinates to push departmental rules to accomplish his radical left wing agenda. These show a continuing disregard for the very Constitution he swore to support, defend and uphold.

The latest of these blatant fiats, requiring all organizations, even religious organizations opposed to them, to provide contraceptive and abortion services to their employees, is just one more example of the Dictator-n-Chief‘s total disdain of the Constitution. First, why was this accomplished in this manner? Primarily because this type of law would never, and I repeat, never have passed Congress and  been presented in the Constitutional manner for the President’s signature. This fiat exhibits a total disregard of the Freedom of Religion, and places the Federal Government in a position of  violating the First Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” The fiat forces religious organizations to violate tenets of their faith, thus “prohibiting the free exercise” of their religious belief.

After a week long furor the Dictator-In-Chief (DIC) came before the cameras this past Friday to offer his compromise to the fiat. No longer would religious organizations be required, read forced, to provide these offensive services, but now the insurance companies they utilize are now required to provide these services “free” to any employee who requests them. But, is this really a compromise? Further, and closer examination of the new “compromisefiat reveals it is no compromise at all. The DIC and the Democratic minions fail to understand there is no such thing as free, somebody has to pay for the free service.

The DIC fails to comprehend the financial burdens being placed on the insurance industry by his tyrannical regime. Insurance companies cannot afford to provide “free” services that cost a substantial amount to their policy holders and customers. As a result, the insurance companies, to stay in business, will raise the cost of the premiums paid by the religious organizations AND their employees to cover the cost of these “free” services. So, in the end, whether the organization is self-insured or purchases its insurance from a provider company, the religious organization will be paying for contraceptive and abortion services. Again, a violation of the First Amendment’s restrictive and prohibitive language.

I am convinced the DIC is well aware of this and is simply pandering to the press and the American public he so despises. He continues to manifest attitudes which display a pompous condescension to the ignorant masses. He believes he is so much more intelligent than the rest of us, that he is convinced he can simply change his words, say he’s compromising, but in reality he is simply issuing the same fiat as before, driving towards his ultimate goal of the “total transformation” of the American government.

You probably have noticed I have been using the term “fiat” instead of “Executive Order.” This has been on purpose. Fiat is defined by Merriam-Webster as “1: a command or act of will that creates something without or as if without further effort, 2:  an authoritative determination : dictate <a fiat of conscience>, 3: an authoritative or arbitrary order : decree <government by fiat>” (Emphases added) I believe this to be much more descriptive of the practice of “Executive Orders” by any President, but the DIC is taking this to the extreme, and thus the usage of “fiat.”

Not only is the DIC acting in total disregard of the US Constitution, but the Congress fails to act to check these un-Constitutional fiats. The Senate has become nothing more than a continuing example of the Soviet Duma that rubber stamped everything Stalin did, or even the powerless, and meaningless representatives occupying seats at The Reichstag during the years of German Nazi tyranny. All the while the Judicial Branch sits back and declares it can do nothing until a case is brought before it, not only brought before it, but brought before it in the slow, convoluted process that takes years and ends up costing the taxpayer millions of dollars.

It is time the American people stood up, did some serious critical thinking and fires the DIC and his Democratic Duma in the Senate. They care nothing for the Constitution or the people they so readily profess to care for. It is time to re-establish the American Federal Republic and return to Constitutional government.

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