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Posted By on November 15, 2011

Almost three years ago, as a direct result of the election of Barak Obama, many grassroots organizations sprang into existence. The Tea Party and the 9-12 Groups are the largest of these and have taken on a number of different looks, feels, organizational structures and even visions. Yet, all the while these all have had a basic emphasis — until recently. The primary focus of these groups and organizations has been the Constitution of the United States of America. “From sea to shining sea” and all across “the fruited plain,” seminars, classes, book sales and workshops were offered to thousands and thousands of attendees discussing the Constitution, its history, intents and the sayings of the Founding Fathers. Throughout the several States the zeal, passion and love of the Constitution grew exponentially.

It was in this environment that these groups began holding their elected officials’ collective feet to the fire. Proceeding from TARP 1, TARP 2, the various bailouts (banks, GM and Chrysler) and culminating in the signing into law of the blatant over-stepping of the Constitution called Health Reform, we experienced the largest turnaround of Congress in the history of these United States. Why? Simply because we held the candidates to the measuring post of constitutionality and the principles of limited Federal Republicanism. It has been specifically the Freshman Class of 2010 in the House of Representatives who have prevented even further encroachments by the Democrats, the Administration and those members who are Republican in name only (RINO). What has motivated this class of junior congressman to be so adamant in sticking to their campaign pledges and promises? It has been the force and power of the groups that help get them elected in the first place.

For my part, I saw these current developments as the political and social atmosphere I’ve been waiting for for almost 30 years. I have waiting in agony for many years to witness the changes that encouraged the establishment of this website; have allowed my to now speak before groups about the awesome history of these United States; afforded me the opportunity to teach about the real intents of the Founding Fathers – both Federalists and Anti-federalists – in the writing and ratification of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I have been able to talk about my studies, the lessons I’ve learned and many revealing truths I’ve uncovered during my research which are never discussed in Academia, history classes, the media or in any school of almost any kind.

Two years ago, as I talked with leaders of the various groups in Charleston, SC, and those from other cities I encountered, I stressed the importance of preparing for a lengthy struggle. We didn’t arrive in our current state of governmental affairs, usurpations and encroachments overnight, but rather over the period of over a century of our history; and bring about correction would take a long time. The corrections would require persistence and tenacity, and the ability to overcome discouragement, setbacks and struggles. These leaders, and friends agreed with me, even when I warned that the American body politic has a recent history (through the Twentieth Century until now) of being very fickle, apathetic and easily swayed by the liberal media. We would have to stand by our principles, and hold the politicians to the same standard.

Now, I’m hearing, and receiving suggestions that it is not important to hold the Republican Presidential candidates to the standard of the Constitution. I’m hearing that the most important thing is to get President Obama replaced. We should overlook the Constitutional discrepancies in the candidates positions and simply unify to “kick” Obama out of office. A recent comment sent to me via email, and subsequently posted as a Comment to my article suggested that “my” Constitutional Scorecard does not serve “a legitimate purpose.” I receive emails and read posts on Facebook encouraging others like me to, in a word, “back off” and give these candidates a break, let’s just get Obama out of office.

For my part I will not keep silent, and I will not back off. On January 20, 2013 we will swear in a President of the United States of America, regardless of who it is the person will be required to take an oath of office:

“I, name, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and I will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Please note this person, whoever he, or she may be will swear to the best of their “ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution…” He, or she, will not swear to uphold their campaign promises, or pledges. They will not swear to act as a conservative, or liberal. They will not stake their personal integrity on any of these, rather they will put their personal integrity on the line by a solemn oath sworn before both man and God.

So, now you tell me, should I overlook the past indiscretions of a candidate, held to the standard of the Constitution? Should I look past the fact that every single person currently holding, or having held in the past an elected political office has VIOLATED a similar oath of office as a US Senator, US Representative OR State Governor? For those who were re-elected multiple times the VIOLATED his oath over and over during their term in office. If they have consistently VIOLATED this oath in the past, just how am I supposed to expect them to change their way now and UPHOLD and KEEP their word now?

If I carefully and with much consideration listen to the candidates, listen to their positions and then judge them in the light of the Constitution, and find these positions to be in opposition to the US Constitution; how am I to expect them to “preserve, protect and defend” it if they are elected?

There is the dilemma. Please add your comments to this post.

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