USAToday Arms Poll Flawed

Posted By on November 21, 2011

This evening I received an email from a friend asking me to vote in a poll posted online by USAToday regarding recent comments by the incompetent and ignorant Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder. (The poll may be found here.)

While I agree with the basic premise of her request, I could not vote in good conscience since the question and its limited answers present a flawed premise.

First, the question in USAToday, “Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms?” The answer, in short is, “No, the Second Amendment does NOT give individuals the right to bear arms.” Read it, it presumes the right to bear arms exists outside of, and previous to the writing of the text of the Second Amendment. This displays the complete lack of knowledge of the history of these United States, a lack of understanding of what unalienable rights are, and a lack of understanding of the Bill of Rights.

Therefore, to answer “Yes” would be to accept and abdicate my God-given unalienable right to bear arms and to admit that the Bill of Rights grants me a right that it does NOT. On the other hand, to answer “No” would be to yield to the liberal press an “Ace in the Hole” in their efforts to discredit and annul the Constitution. Finally, to answer “Undecided” would be to claim I have no knowledge of the subject, or even no position.

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America needs to learn history, otherwise we will keep repeating its errors, mistakes and failures. Will it begin with you?

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