The Real Problem in DC

Posted By on November 17, 2011

Every four years we, the American voter, are subjected to an unrelenting stream of mud, insults, innuendos, empty promises, accusations and the list could go on and on. This interminable period has driven many beyond the brink of apathy, having chosen to not vote because, “what difference does it make?” Every Presidential election season the most vilified man in America is the sitting President, regardless of who he may be, while the second most cursed man is his opponent. We become saturated by the unending litany of promises of how things will change, become better and how the world will once again become a safe place to live. But shortly after the inauguration reality sets in and we realize that nothing much changed, regardless of who was elected President, Republican OR Democrat.

Three years ago I began to raise my voice and try to bring attention to the storehouse of the country’s evils and ills, and a few listened. Now it is time once again to attempt to bring about some kind of change in our perceptions and the foci of our attention, efforts and energies. Those who believe the country will be better, if we just get President Obama replaced or ignorant and ill advised. In addition, they are lacking in a deeper understanding of how our government functions. Let’s take a brief look.

The budget of these United States can be proposed by the President, but that is all he can accomplish in this area until it is time to either sign the budget in approval, or reject it in total by the use of a presidential veto. If his proposed budget is rejected by the Congress, there is absolutely nothing he can do short of using the “bully pulpit.” There is no “Line Item Veto” available to him, and no ability no enact a budget other than the one passed by Congress.

We have heard over and over again in the past 4 years about the collapse of the housing market and the subsequent recession of the American economy, and over and over President Bush (W) has been blamed for the fiasco that precipitated this. Yet, I ask you what did President Bush do to cause the economic downturn? Did he propose the requirements upon the banking industry to issue sub-prime mortgages to people and families who did not qualify for them? No. Did he ignore the warnings and calls to have Congress investigate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? No, the President has no power or authority to make Congress do anything. The truth of the matter is the blame for this situation lies outside of the presidencies of both Bush (W) and Clinton. It must be noted here that the events that led to the collapse began during the Clinton Administration.

Is it within the power, or purview of the presidency to bring about the plethora of legislation leading to the gross over abundance of regulations and laws restricting the American economy? No. Does the President have the power to hold the Federal Government hostage by refusing to pass legislation, or even discuss or debate needful legislation? No. Can the President hold hearing after meaningless hearing on subjects over which the government has no jurisdiction sidetracking and deterring any real or meaningful work or legislation? No.

Over the course of my life I have seen, that I can remember mind you, ten Presidents come and go. Yet, the problems in DC remain the same. How many years have we heard of the approaching demise of the Social Security system? Thirty years of which I am aware. How many years have we heard the arguments surrounding the problems of the federal deficit? Almost forty for me, that I can remember. How long have we been subjected to the warnings and cautions around over regulating and over taxing American businesses? Again, almost forty from my memory. During these periods we have had a total of six Presidents, yet nothing changed. I could continue, but for the sake of getting to the point, I’ll move on.

So, what has remained the same through all of these years? Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Congress continues on as it always has, or at least the way it has in the last hundred years. Congress passes bill after bill, heaping on the American people law after oppressive law. Congress allows continued usurpations of power by both the Executive and Judicial branches of the Federal government even though they have the power to reign in and check these. Why? Simply because everyone holding office in Congress is addicted to the power, and money afforded them by a big and burgeoning Federal bureaucracy.

Congress passed the legislation which became law under Bill Clinton which commenced the slide into the crisis of the collapse of the economy through sub-prime mortgages. Congress was warned of the abuses and failures of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but chose to do nothing. Congress passed the burdensome, oppressive tax code which is killing American business and has stagnated the employment market in American.

Do you want to see change in DC and the Federal Government? Then concentrate on kicking out any member of Congress, representative AND senator who have been in office for two terms or more – ALL OF THEM! Congress’ approval rating never gets above 20%, on a good day, yet we continue to reelect the same incompetent boobs.

Sure some things would change if we, in the words of Tom Brokaw, “returned an adult to the White House,” but real and lasting change won’t come until we clean house, really clean house on BOTH sides of Capital Hill. Stop wasting all of your energy on changing the President, that is a secondary issue, instead focus on removing the bums from Congress. I don’t care if the candidate for the House or Senate is Democrat or Republican as long as they will stand by the Constitution as written and intended by the Founding Fathers. Changing the President will not do a darn thing if he, or she, can’t get his/her initiatives passed by the Congress.

Just remember TATBO! Throw All The Bums Out!


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