Constitutional Scorecard Disgust

Posted By on November 13, 2011

Well, I promised a scorecard weeks ago with the results from the Republican Presidential Candidates’ Debate in Orlando, Florida. For the last number of weeks I have been struggling with a volatile combination of disgust and depression. Disgust resulting from the meager scores attained by the supposedly conservative candidates how favor and support the Constitution; and depression over the apparent lack of concern by the Tea Parties, 9-12 groups and those who ostensibly profess strict allegiance to the Constitution.

Let me just share with you the horribly discouraging results…

(The Candidate Constitutional Scorecard can be found by clicking here to find the guidelines.)

Candidate Q’s answered & rebuttals Score Perfect Score % Score
Bachman 7 7 21 33%
Paul 5 4 15 27%
Johnson 4 4 12 33%
Huntsman 6 2 18 11%
Cain 6 2 18 11%
Santorum 7 1 21 5%
Romney 11 0 33 0%
Perry 12 -1 36 -3%
Gingrich 6 -4 18 -22%

So, we can see all of the grades were well below even a grade that would give them an opportunity to attend Summer School in an attempt to be advanced to the next grade level. These scores warrant a complete and unabashed grade of being required to retake the same grade in school next year. From these scores they probably should be mandated to go back to elementary school and start all over again.

Only ONE candidate cited a Founding Father, Barbara Bachmann, and agreed with the citation, and that was only ONE answer out of 64 given, that is a measly 2%! Of the other 63 there was not a SINGLE quote, citation or even honorable mention of the Constitution or Founding Fathers. Also very telling is that Ron Paul even provided an answer which gave him a negative point.

It is extremely important to note that Newt Gingrich scored the lowest of score of all. Newt, while very intelligent, a good debater and probably one of the most knowledgeable candidates is nothing more than a BIG government “conservative.”

The complete scorecard can be found here.

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2 Responses to “Constitutional Scorecard Disgust”

  1. Kathy Hughes says:

    David…….Just because a candidate doesn’t quote from the Constitution while giving his/her answer does not mean the candidate doesn’t believe in and support the Constitution. I have heard Rick Santorum speak over two hours now at two different events and talked with him in a small-group setting. He DOES know the Constitution, believes in it, does think it is of utmost importance, and does know what the Founding Fathers believed in for America. I don’t see where your scorecard serves a legitimate purpose.

    • David Bozarth says:

      Rick Santorum may know the Constitution, he may believe in it, BUT the positions he espouses are more big government in many ways and contrary to the Constitution. I have heard him in numerous interviews, etc. and I would never vote for him. Why? He supports and defends many un-Constitutional practices, policies and government initiatives.

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