USAToday Arms Poll Flawed

| November 21, 2011

This evening I received an email from a friend asking me to vote in a poll posted online by USAToday regarding recent comments by the incompetent and ignorant Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder. (The poll may be found here.) While I agree with the basic premise of her request, I could not […]

The Real Problem in DC

| November 17, 2011

Every four years we, the American voter, are subjected to an unrelenting stream of mud, insults, innuendos, empty promises, accusations and the list could go on and on. This interminable period has driven many beyond the brink of apathy, having chosen to not vote because, “what difference does it make?” Every Presidential election season the […]

What’s Important – The Dilemma

| November 15, 2011

Almost three years ago, as a direct result of the election of Barak Obama, many grassroots organizations sprang into existence. The Tea Party and the 9-12 Groups are the largest of these and have taken on a number of different looks, feels, organizational structures and even visions. Yet, all the while these all have had […]

Constitutional Scorecard Disgust

| November 13, 2011

Well, I promised a scorecard weeks ago with the results from the Republican Presidential Candidates’ Debate in Orlando, Florida. For the last number of weeks I have been struggling with a volatile combination of disgust and depression. Disgust resulting from the meager scores attained by the supposedly conservative candidates how favor and support the Constitution; […]

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