Open Letter to Newt Gingrich

Posted By on September 25, 2011

Dear Mr. Gingrich,

Thank you for your service to our country. I honor your years of education and it is apparent when you speak that you have acquired a large body of knowledge.

First, I must express to you my disdain for your continued use of the title “Speaker.” You are no longer a member of the House of Representatives, nor are you the Speaker. As such you have returned to the greatest body in America, that of citizen. Maybe you should follow the example of that great American Thomas Jefferson, who each time someone called him “President Jefferson” or “Mr. President” after 1809, he would emphatically correct them and declare he was simply Mr. Jefferson, a citizen. We do not issue titles of royalty here in America, and you and Mr. Santorum and Mr. Romney are no longer in public service, therefore a simple Mr. is sufficient in this Republic.

Now to the real reason for this missive. During last Thursday’s debate you stated that you would be issuing a new Contract with America this week. What is your dispensation with contracts? The first Contract with America in 1994 was only partially fulfilled, while the most important “contract” with the American people is violated every day, and in almost every imaginable way within the halls of government in DC. If, and that looks to be a bigIF,” you are elected as President in the coming election, you will take an oath of office, and this oath is not to uphold, support and defend some arbitrary contract, drawn up by some politician seeking election. You will not be asked to pledge your honor or integrity on a contract pledged to reform and reinvigorate the federal government. The oath you take, and seek God’s favor upon is to support, defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

Thus far your ability to fulfill this oath is deeply in question within my mind. Why? Because having previously taken the same oath you have supported, sponsored and voted for legislation which directly violates the very same Constitution. Why should I expect anything less should you be entrusted with the office of Chief Magistrate, or President of the United States? The Constitution clearly defines the duties of the President, and limits those to eight, yes that’s right eight duties, no more no less. There are no amendments which have added any additional duties to this list. While in Congress you were afforded the privilege by this same Constitution with 20 authorized powers and you couldn’t even limit Congress to those twenty.

Mr. Gingrich, why don’t you abandon you efforts to present the American public with yet another “contract” and concentrate on upholding the most important compact in American politics, the Constitution? Instead of giving us another pledge, why don’t you commit to positions, pledges and promises which align themselves to the Constitution as a concrete document and not a “living, breathing” one subject to the various arbitrary whims of politicians, judges, professors and teachers? Why won’t you pledge to never use an un-Constitutional abuse of Presidential power called an “Executive Order”? Why not pledge that you will veto every single bill that comes across the desk in the Oval Office which violates, perverts or corrupts the Constitution of the United States? Why not pledge to eliminate every single Executive Department which finds no basis within the text of the Constitution authorizing the existence of the Federal Government?

I doubt you will ever make these pledges, and more reasonably I fully expect you to continue to slowly reveal how much of a big government politician you really are, all the while professing to be a “conservative.” Mr. Gingrich, it’s about the Constitution and not you litany of “contracts with America”.

I welcome your response.

Most humbly, and with love for both God and Country,

David Bozarth

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