Looking At American History With Different Eyes

Posted By on April 12, 2011

We often look at history, any history through glasses tinted by our own experiences, understandings, prejudices and what we have been taught in school, college, church, synagogue and seminars. As a result, we glean understandings which never existed, or which presuppose ends or conclusions based on our misconceptions. Then when we learn new lessons which contradict or change our previous understandings we begin to reach conclusions radically different than the ones we reached at an earlier time.

Today, many people are learning lessons and gathering insights into the Constitution and early American history they never knew before. Invariably this will cause us to reconsider other things from history.

For the past year I have written a number of articles and posts which should reveal things the reader has never before heard. So, I’m going to mention some items from American history, and I would like you, the reader, to decide if the item is Constitutional or not. I have chosen those things which are not the common ones we turn to these days. I’m not going to question you on The Fed, Roosevelt’s New Deal, Roe v. Wade, welfare or Obamacare; but I will be citing things which you probably don’t think of, from presidents and Congress which you might just naturally assume are good things. There are only 2 choices for answers, “Constitutional” or “un-Constitutional”, but I want you to provide the “why” for you answer.

I challenge you to commit to a comment, and share you answers with others by using the Comment box below. If you’re a registered user simply login and submit your comment, if not, register and join the debate.

Here we go.

  1. The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, Constitutional or un-Constitutional?
  2. Building the Panama Canal, Constitutional or un-Constitutional?
  3. The law passed by the 70th Congress  setting the number of Representatives at 435, Constitutional or un-Constitutional?
  4. Establishment of the National Park System, Constitutional or un-Constitutional?
  5. Creation of the US Coast Guard, Constitutional or un-Constitutional?
  6. Creation of the National Interstate Systems, Constitutional or un-Constitutional?
  7. The Louisiana Purchase, Constitutional or un-Constitutional? (Will you agree with President Jefferson?)
  8. The Brady Act, Constitutional or un-Constitutional?
  9. The implementation of the provisions of SALT II, Constitutional or un-Constitutional?
  10. The Emancipation Proclamation, Constitutional or un-Constitutional?

Come on, post your answers and let’s get a learning session going.

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