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Posted By on January 5, 2011

Those who have read my past posts here are very aware of my passion, love and adherence to the US Constitution. It is this love and passion which drives, motivates and empowers by political position and conservative perspectives. Over the years conversations invariably gravitate towards American government and history with friends and acquaintances. In this conversations I have been introduced to an emotion which is often a “companion” as I walk through this life.

My “companion” also accompanies me through my daily life, in relationships, as I listen to the news and news programs on the radio and television.  Those closest to me in life are often all to aware of the presence of my “companion” as it rears its head during the times and conversations of life. Often I can see it in their eyes, the surreptitious kicks or nudges under the table or the sighs of exasperation they let out. “You don’t want to go down that road with him,” or “please don’t bring that up,” or even “Dad (or David) can you not discuss politics tonight, today or whenever?”

My companion? Frustration. Frustration which grows from a knowledge that for the most part Americans have been taught our history incorrectly, or those who declare themselves to be a “Constitutional Conservative” and yet often find excuses why we don’t have to adhere to it in this modern world. It is this last group which has provoked this article.

In the past two years the grassroots conservative movement has become a flame spreading across American “from sea to shining sea.” The various Tea Party groups, the 9-12 organization, the rise in popularity of the Libertarian Party, the Constitutional party all speak and bear witness to the Constitutional revival sweeping the nation. It is the interest and the desire to learn about the Constitution and Early American History which gave impetus to the establishment of this website. It is the lack of knowledge, the inadequate understanding and the loss of an accurate perspective of American history which drive me to study more, learn more and uncover more of the actual roots of the founding of this great nation.

Yet, in the midst of these positive motivations I have had to learn to control my passion (sometimes not very well) and to remain calm in the face of people, politicians, commentators and broadcasters who declare themselves to be Constitutional Conservatives, and then hold a position on some subject, event or Congressional action which contradicts the Constitution. How often have I brought up the subject of repealing the 17th Amendment, and returning to the original appointment of Senators by the various State legislatures, only to hear the “conservative” say we can’t trust them to appoint good Senators? (Who elected those untrustworthy legislatures?) How often have I heard politicians or TV or radio personalities expound on the conservatism, only to hear them in the next breath argue for Congressional action in totally un-Constitutional ways?

For instance, a little over a year ago I was in a meeting where former Congressman Henry Brown boast of his “most conservative voting record,” bragging on his conservative stances, only to hear him defend his use of earmarks and pork barrel spending. I listened to him declare how his office was receiving calls about TARP 1 in the order of 90% opposed, and how he attempted to justify his completely UN-CONSTITUTIONAL vote in favor of that piece of garbage legislation.

Last night, January 3rd, 2010 on The O’Reilly Factor I heard a discussion about the reported union denial of snow removal services in New York City during the Christmas weekend snow storm.  The panel discussing this event was Mr. O’Reilly, Mr. Juan Williams and a woman who is a conservative commentator (I apologize for not remembering her name). During the discussion Mr. O’Reilly’s true nature revealed itself as he argued for federal intervention and action. The woman tried repeatedly to express her position, only to be interrupted time and again by Mr. O’Reilly and his boisterous, emphatic comments on the need for Congress to act; after all, the inaction affected travelers from across the nation. For years I have been wary of Mr. O’Reilly considering him to really be a liberal in “conservative garb,” a “Convenient Conservative.”

Often on the morning Fox & Friends show my companion is there with me as I here comments by the various hosts, guests and experts visiting the couch.  Again, when push comes to shove the “conservatives” are only really “Convenient Conservatives” and lack a good understanding of the Constitution and the principles upon which it is based.

How often have I heard “conservatives” state, well the Founders couldn’t have thought of everything, so we have to read into the Constitution for our modern needs? Well, you’re absolutely correct, our Founding Fathers were aware they could not possibly anticipate all the changes the future would bring. How did they take this into consideration? It’s called Article V, the ability to amend the Constitution. You think the Constitution is lacking, or makes a statement that is outdated, outmoded or obsolete? Then propose an amendment, don’t just take it to the courts, media or whatever and say the meaning changed, or what the Founders really meant was such and such.

The politicians, judges and elites of academia grew frustrated in the early 20th Century with the inability, or the difficulties involved in getting amendments passed. As a result, they began to teach us incorrect history, and to brainwash us with an inaccurate history. From my studies of history I can tell you the intentions and meanings of the founders are clear, simple and very adequately recorded in the writings of the times. We can know with little doubt what they meant by what was written.

So, my question to you is this, “Will you support, uphold and defend the Constitution of United States from all enemies both foreign and domestic?” Will you become a true Constitutional Conservative and not just a Convenient Conservative? Will you take stands with your friends, family and acquaintances which may be difficult, uncomfortable and even unpopular, BUT are in strict adherence to the Constitution? Will you take the time to learn more about the Constitution and the principles upon which it was established?

The choice is yours, Constitutional Conservative or Convenient Conservative (RINO)?

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