Resurrecting The Quids!

Posted By on August 2, 2010

Resurrecting the WHAT? No, I didn’t misspell “squids,” although I was one at one point in my life. (For those of you who don’t know, sailors are sometimes called “squids” in a very derogatory manner.) David, have you totally gone off the deep end?

Well, for many years now I have struggled with my political identity. I used to be a Republican, until they betrayed their core conservative standards. Then I considered myself a ultra-right-wing “radical,” but that had way too many negative connotations and turned too many people off before I even had a chance to explain myself.  Then I thought I was a Federalist, until I learned more about their history. I can’t be a complete Anti-Federalist, because I do favor the Constitution when it is strictly interpreted. I don’t really want to identify myself as a Constitutionalist, because then I could be affiliated with the Constitutional Party and I don’t want to have any party affiliation. To most I would be a conservative, by modern definition, but again I don’t want to be pigeon-holed by someone else’s definition. In fact, a little more than a week ago I was having this very discussion with some friends and we all agreed that I needed to find a simple, catchy way of identifying myself.

Enter the story of Nathaniel Macon, of North Carolina. (A very brief synopsis of Mr. Macon’s story may be found in The Politically Incorrect GuideTM to The Founding Fathers, which may be ordered online via the Recommended Reading page here on Mr. Macon was one of our lesser known Founding Fathers. He “never campaigned for office but held a position in Congress for thirty-seven years.”1 He was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives in both the 8th and 9th Congresses. By party affiliation he was a Jeffersonian Republican, but by voting record he was neither a Republican, nor a Federalist.

Few other members cast as many “no” votes as Macon. One biographer called him a “negative radical,” but this derogatory term does not do Macon justice. He voted “no”so often because he believed the federal government continually abused its authority and unconstitutionally enlarged its scope and influence. He took friend and foe alike to task for their support of unconstitutional measures.2 (Emphases added)

This is my kind of politician, a true patriot and defender of the Constitution.

In the 9th Congress, John Randolph – Virginia, Macon and Joseph Nicholson – Maryland became the first members of a small group called “the Quids.”  Never during this Congress did their numbers ever exceed 12, or maybe 13, depending on which historian you cite. They were a small band of very vocal advocates of strictly limited government, a thorn in the side of President Jefferson.

So, what does “Quid” mean? “Quid” is a Latin word which means, “thing.” How appropriate is that? I’m not a Republican, nor a Democrat; not a Libertarian, nor a member of the Constitutional Party; not a Progressive, nor a modern conservative. Simply put, I am a “Quid,” a thing which defies definition in the modern political spectrum. In fact, I believe it will open doors, because people will ask, “A Quid, what’s that?” Then I can explain my position without having to overcome any preconceived notions, conceptions and without being pigeon-holed.

Therefore, I think it is high time to resurrect the group nationwide. Let the Quids arise and let there voices be heard. We will be a group of independents which defy party definition, or even the definition of being an independent. We will stand up for what is right, and vociferously defend a strict interpretation of the US Constitution and adhere staunchly to the principles of severely limited Federal government.

Will you join me? Who will help me spread the message far and wide across this great land?

I am a Quid, and darn proud of it!


1 The Politically Incorrect GuideTM to The Founding Fathers, Brion McClanahan, Ph.D., Begnery Publishing, Inc., 2009, p. 267

2 Ibid, p. 269

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  1. royws says:

    Is that a quid pro quo?

  2. CaptElaine says:

    Well all this time I’ve been a Quid… and didn’t even know it. I LIKE it.

  3. Mjeffcoat says:

    Well if that is what a Quid was then that is what I is!

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