Polls 7-4-2010 – A Critical Look

| July 5, 2010

Today, as most days, RealClearPolitics (RCP) posted a table comparing the most recent approval rating polls from President Obama. I was forwarded to this information from the Drudge Report and a link entitled, “TORN ON FOURTH OF JULY: OBAMA DIVIDES NATION…” The table provides some very interesting data for comparison, but I have to ask, […]

Arrogant Elitists!

| July 2, 2010

This week the US Supreme Court handed down a ruling making voiding municipal ordinances nationwide which restricted and otherwise impinged on the people’s Second Amendment rights. This was the correct decision, and was a welcome respite from the rulings of the past by our renegade Supreme Court. Today, the aldermen of the city of Chicago snubbed their […]

Hey, Stupid, Read Our Lips!!

| July 2, 2010

“When in the course of human events…“, thus began one of the most profound documents in the history of mankind. The colonists, the British citizens of the colonies on the North American continent, had grown tired, frustrated, exacerbated and and finally had lost all hope and confidence in the government, Parliament and crown of England. […]

ANSWERED: Constitution Intended As A Contract To Avoid Bankruptcy?

| July 1, 2010

Earlier this week I posted the following: <<<<<<>>>>>> The other part of the friend’s email was: I have never seen a discussion of how the founding fathers addressed the question of financing the revolutionary war.  It is my understanding that the war created a debt which, after the war was won, the new federal government […]

ANSWERED: The District of Columbia Is A Business?

| July 1, 2010

Earlier this week I posted the following: <<<<<<>>>>>> This afternoon I received an email from a friend discussing a very unique understanding of the Constitution. Here is part of his message: The constitution neither permits nor prohibits the federal government from going into business as a corporation like Sears or any other.  The King also […]

The Shot That Was Forgotten Around The World

| July 1, 2010

As we approach the celebration of the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, once again we find ourselves confronted with national crises on every hand. We have high unemployment, skyrocketing national debt, out of control government spending and taxing, an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that won’t quit and an almost total lack […]

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