Congress & Parliament of the 1700’s

| July 29, 2010

For years I have said the US Congress more resembles the British Parliament of the 1700’s than the constitutionally established Congress of the United States. In the last two years this has become even more obvious, and more and more citizens are realizing something is seriously wrong in Washington. We must come to terms with […]

Contitution 101 – The Bill of Rights

| July 28, 2010

I am aware that I am skipping ahead, somewhat, in the series of bringing understanding to the Constitution, but this subject has come to the forefront of my thoughts recently and I thought it necessary. How often have we heard someone mention things like, “Our First Amendment right of religious freedom,” or “Our Second Amendment […]

America’s Dominant Political Power

| July 19, 2010

For years I have asked people the following, “What is the most powerful force in America today?” The responses have varied from “the media,” “the politicians” and some have even posited “the education system.” Until a couple of weeks ago, no one had given the answer I sought. So, take a little time and think […]

Tyranny – American Style

| July 16, 2010

Let’s see… We have “Love, American Style”, then there is American style french fries, hamburgers, cafes, diners, and heck we even have American style sushi, but what about “Tyranny–American Style”? “But, David, I thought our governmental system is unique, it’s a ‘democracy’ (as I stated in “Resetting the Political Spectrum,” I really hate that word!). […]

Resetting the Political Spectrum

| July 15, 2010

The Left, the Right, Liberals, Conservatives the perennial tug-of-war continues in America. I think it is way past time for us to consider the spectrum used by the Founding Fathers. I know you may find this hard to believe, BUT they didn’t argue about socialists and fascists, or liberals and conservatives, or communists and dictators.  […]

UPDATE – A Politician’s Pledge

| July 14, 2010

In February I posted the original “A Politician’s Pledge,” and until today not a single candidate for a national office has unequivocally, or without evasiveness answered my question. To restate the Pledge here it is from the February post: How about this, plain, clear and simple? Will any politician make the pledge that all of […]

Constitution 101, Lesson 3 – Virtue And Morality Are Vital!

| July 9, 2010

History is written by the victors, or so the maxim states. History can be rewritten, revised, censored and even changed to fit the needs of a particular mindset or worldview, BUT it is extremely difficult to erase all the evidence of past generations. Those who truly seek to find the true evidences of history may […]

All A-Buzz About States Rights

| July 7, 2010

This year it seems that one of the most talked about issues is States Rights. What, with “ObamaCare” the Arizona illegal alien law and just about every other piece of legislation being handed down by Congress and the Obama Administration it appears States rights are being trampled on more than ever before. I believe we […]

NASA, Diplomacy & Muslims

| July 6, 2010

Dateline: July 5th, 2010 headline: “NASA Chief: Next Frontier Better Relations With Muslim World” Let me preface my comments by saying I was an extreme fan of the exciting space program during the 60’s and early 70’s. I remember as a young boy being spellbound by the actual events of man in space. It […]

Stop Legislating Charity!

| July 5, 2010

The politicians want us to think of them as kind, caring and as if they are always looking out for our best interest. This is why they try to convince us that we are doing a good and honorable thing by paying our taxes. This is why they try to convince us of how “good” […]

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