Constitution Intended As A Contract To Avoid Bankruptcy?

| June 29, 2010

The other part of the friend’s email was:  I have never seen a discussion of how the founding fathers addressed the question of financing the revolutionary war.  It is my understanding that the war created a debt which, after the war was won, the new federal government had no assets sufficient to pay that debt.  […]

The District of Columbia Is A Business?

| June 29, 2010

This afternoon I received an email from a friend discussing a very unique understanding of the Constitution. Here is part of his message: The constitution neither permits nor prohibits the federal government from going into business as a corporation like Sears or any other.  The King also always had the right to do business for […]

America Needs Israel

| June 27, 2010

How many of you have heard the axiom, “Don’t talk about politics or religion?” Well, I’m one of those rare individuals who enjoys a good, public discussion of politics and religion. At times I even throw in a little philosophy and history. Well, such is the case this morning. I believe it is a good […]

Looking Behind The Numbers

| June 24, 2010

This morning, the Drudge Report had a link to an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Confidence Waning in Obama, U.S. Outlook.” Being a fervent politically conservative American, and someone who does not like President Obama (I know those of you who have been reading my posts would find that hard to believe.), I […]

Polls – Are They Reliable Indicators?

| June 24, 2010

Every media outlet, whether it is the mass media, newspaper or magazine cites polls in relation to the news of the day, political elections, public opinion or whatever. We cannot escape them, and the media places great emphasis on them. Political campaigns derive from them data to determine whether or not the direction their particular […]

Obama SHOWS Poor Judgment & Lack Of Leadership

| June 22, 2010

The hypocrisy just keeps on rolling out of the White House and this corrupt Administration. As we continue to be deluges with reporting, articles and “analysis” of the comments reportedly made by Gen. McChrystal and his staff; we now face the torrential downpour of comments from a inept President. President Obama, in his first comments […]

Gen. McChrystal Was Wrong, BUT…

| June 22, 2010

This morning we are being inundated with news reports concerning the reportedly inappropriate remarks made by General Stanley McChrystal and his staff, aides or aide. Being a veteran I am concerned about these reports, and the implications how they will affect the soldier on the ground in Afghanistan. First, it must be stated the comments […]

Constitution 101, Lesson 2 – Is The Constitution A Foundation?

| June 21, 2010

In our continuing study of the Constitution, and after establishing how we must interpret it strictly, I now turn our attention to a very key subject regarding it. In the last 30 or so years, I have only heard one other person discuss this, and that only briefly. In fact, I heard such a brief […]

Who’s In Charge?

| June 18, 2010

This administration, the current Congress and the present political environment make it so easy to be a conservative blogger, commentator or politico; it’s just such a “target rich” milieu. When I sit down to write the most difficult aspect is deciding which topic to cover out of the many. So, that is why this week […]

Rep. Barton Was Correct!

| June 18, 2010

Yesterday, June 17, 2010, we witnessed yet another senseless display of the idiocy of “our” prestigious US House of Representatives. Whether we watched the “hearing” of the Energy and Commerce Committee live, or in the incessant reruns and sound bites played on the various media outlets, most people with common sense should have been appalled. […]

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