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Posted By on April 16, 2010

Well, I’m glad you asked. Life is full of surprises, and the past couple of weeks have just been full of them. In the midst of growing acceptance among the Charleston, SC 9-12 Groups and Tea Party I found it necessary to move to Denver, Colorado. Why? You might ask. It is quite simple, Providence has chosen to restore a beautiful relationship, and the job market here is much better than in Charleston.

So, I packed my bags and things, and made a cross-country odessey. I wish I could tell of braving wild beasts, war-like natives, but alas nothing quite so heart stopping. I did encounter a fierce cross wind while crossing Kansas, and ran headlong into a vicious thunderstorm line between Goodland, KS and Burlington, CO.

I arrived safely in the Denver area on Tuesday night and have spent the past couple of days unpacking and settling in. Today I attended the Tax Day rally on the steps of the Colorado Capital along with at least 2,000 others “mad as hell,” and angry citizens. I say “at least” because that is what one local radio station reported earlier, and there was at least that many in attendance..

It was a great feeling to be in the midst of so many others, raising our voices to be heard by the politicians in Denver and in Washington. I truly believe the poliicians have no clue as to what, and whom they have awakened. The American public has finally been aroused from its slumber, and we are experiencing the beginnings of a revolution in American politics..

I was able to make some new contacts, and hopefully soon will be back doing what I love best; speaking about America, our Constitution and our simply miraculous history. Keep watching as I am planning on introducing some new features to this website in the near future. I’ll also be posting more on Nullification in the very near future. This is absolutely an amazing and exciting time to be an American, and together we can restore this country to greatness!

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