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Posted By on April 16, 2010

As a result of years of observing Western Culture, and in specific American Culture I have come to a very serious conclusion. Our worldview is leading us down a path to impotence and destruction. No just wait a minute, David, how can you say this?

First, let’s define worldview. “Worldview” is defined by Miriam-Webster’s Dictionary as, “a comprehensive conception or apprehension of the world especially from a specific standpoint.” By and large the worldview of Western Civilization is a Judeo-Christian one. This is because is traces its historic and philosophical roots to both Judaism and Christianity. I submit to you that this worldview is primarily Christian, with a small reliance on the civil laws of the Jewish Scriptures.

Today we see many examples of how Christianity is influencing everything from judicial rulings to political correctness to the conduct of armed forces in war. Most all of these find the source of their pactice within the Christian understanding of grace and mercy. In the courts our lawyers, juries and judges find a primary motivation to be grace and/or mercy. The sentencing of criminals often is the direct result of mercy rather than the administration of justice. (I dare not even go into the influence of money, fame and popularity.) Political correctness is nothing more than mandated mercy in an attempt to prevent others from “being offended.” Then, finally for this essay, in war the forces of Western Civilization are severely limited by the concepts of grace and mercy held by politicians and the news media. A quick comparison to the way World War II was fought will reveal major changes within the conduct of war. And, yes I’ll say it, Western nations have not successfully WON a war since World War II.

But, what about Korea? The war is not over, it is simply being postponed by a Cease Fire Agreement. What of Vietnam? Hello? Well, you can’t say the first Gulf War wasn’t won. Yes, I can. Again, the First Gulf War was not ended by an Armistice or a Surrender of Sadam Hussein; it was simply stopped by a Cease Fire Agreement. IF the first Gulf War had been properly and completely executed, THEN we would not have needed the second Gulf War, or Operation Iraqi Freedom. As a side note, are you aware the Cease Fire Agreement from the first Gulf War was violated an average of 120 times EVERY month for 12 years?

The armed forces of Western Civilizations are handcuffed and handicapped by Rules of Engagement and “surgical strikes,” and this leads to the deaths of many dedicated, committed and valuable soldiers. God forbid that an innocent civilian should die within a war zone. Only God will be able to protect and/or vindicate a soldier who shoots a civilian or causes a “needless” death. Since World War II Western Civilization and governments have lost the will to conduct war, and our enemies know this.

This goes even further if we expand our view into the political arena. We, citizens, will hope for the best, and judge the intentions rather than the actions of our political office holders. Well, he or she “meant” well. They will do better next time. They won’t make the same mistake twice. I’ll, we’ll forgive them because that’s the right thing to do.

Our founders had another view and that was grace and mercy balanced by justice. We have forgotten justice. The founders held firmly to the understanding that they would be held accountable for their actions in government for all eternity. If they didn’t suffer the consequences of their actions in their lifetime, then they would have to face some eternal ramification in the hereafter. This concept compelled them to honorable living, integrity and morality. Further, they also believe that nations would be held accountable for their actions in the here and now.

Held accountable? By whom? The Founding Fathers all adhered to a firm belief in God, and within the teachings of their various faiths believed God to be the final, and absolute, arbiter or judge of human and national actions.

The time has come for the politicians to once again be held accountable for their actions, maybe not by God, but definitely by the people. It is time for them to come to an understanding of justice, and this justice will be meted out by those who elected them. It is time for us, all of us to learn the meaning of the statue of Justice in our courtrooms. Why is Justice blind? What is the meaning of the scales she holds? Is it time to return to these principles?

Sooner or later justice will be meted out, why not now?

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