“WE” Need to Wake Up!

Posted By on March 9, 2010

Have you ever wondered why members of the US Armed Forces take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States,” and not an oath to “support and defend the United States of America”? This applies equally to every federal employee, US Congressman, US Senator, Federal and Supreme Court judge, member of the President’s Cabinet and the President himself. Why? Well, I have some of my own thoughts on that matter.

This country would not exist, as we know it,  without the US Constitution. It is the Constitution which sets forth the framework of the government. The Constitution which grants authority to the President as Commander-In-Chief. The Constitution which provides for the election, and appointment of Congressmen, Senators and judges. The Constitution which authorizes the establishment of an Army and a Navy.

The problem lies in a lack of knowledge of the true meaning and intent of the Constitution, and just what might that be? To strictly and severely limit the size and scope of the Federal Government.  The Constitution is in the most simple of terms, a contract between the people of the United States and the Federal Government. “WE” empower “them.” “WE” have let them do the things they have been doing. “WE” are as much to blame, if not more to blame than they are.

“WE” live in a time unlike any time in the history of man. “WE” have access to more knowledge, faster than any other society of people has ever known. “WE” can discover more facts, figures, truth and wisdom about any subject by simply going to any one of a number of public libraries, or through the Internet. And yet, “WE” have chosen up until now to remain content with what our schools have taught us, or media feeds us; and the lies, censored truths and completely inadequate presentations of the vast majority of contemporary history books. Finally, “WE” have lost the ability to critically think about the issues surrounding our Constitution, government and even our rights.

“WE” have sat idly by as the Congress, President, Supreme Court, Executive departments and the legal system have RAPED our Constitution through redefinition of words and phrases, usurped authority not granted to them and in general just IGNORED its provisions. “WE” have encouraged them with our continued votes as “THEY” have PILLAGED the Federal Treasury through continued deficit spending, pork-barrell (oh, I’m sorry “earmarks”) spending to “win” our votes, and by voting for themselves special perks, privileges and remunerations. “WE” have become apathetic as “THEY” have PLUNDERED the national trust, and the greatest of our country before foreign nations.

It is high time “WE” wake up and realize what has happened, and that “WE” are to blame for not doing anything to stop this. It is time “WE” stand up and take back our Constitution, and FIRE every elected official who has not upheld his/her oath of office. It is time “WE” hold “THEM” accountable for our votes, AND the contract given them – the Constitution of the United States of America.

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  1. CaptElaine says:

    Well said David… ‘We the People’ better Wake Up, Stand Up and push back… and teach our children and our grand-children, because the schools won’t be educating them about the Constitution… if ‘We’ don’t… we will be doomed to slavery to the state. Our chains are being forged right now… 1 executive order at a time, 1 unconstitutional bill at a time… the clock is ticking… time is running out… our republic is in danger and only WE can save it.

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