Renewing the Call to Action

Posted By on March 22, 2010

Wow! What a weekend we have just experienced. One fulls of drama, highs, lows, encouragement, setbacks, a veritable emotional rollercoaster.  One thing is certain, the majority of members of the US House of Representatives have shown their true colors. Do they “support and defend the Constitution of the United States”? NO! Do they even come close to upholding their Oath of Office, sworn every two years? NO! Do they represent the will of the people? NO! Are they arrogant, power craving and egocentric demagogues? YES! Are they self seeking, liberal, progressive activists hell-bent on implementing their own socialist agenda against the will of the people, the limitations of the Constitution and the Rule of Law? YES!

As I sit here writing, and contemplating the weekend, it would be very easy to become depressed and despondent, but that would accomplish nothing. I guess I will just have to tap into that artesian spring of optimism with which I have been blessed. I have an uncanny ability to see the best in any situation, to find the silver lining in even the darkest cloud, to see the rainbow at the end of every storm. Have I used enough colloquialisms, yet? I am a perpetual optimist.

Earlier I was listening to Glenn Beck’s daily radio program, and thankfully he echoed my own feelings. I believe in the American people! I believe in our ability to stand up for what is right! I believe in our ability to overcome any obstacle, any hindrance, any oppression attempted by the state. To  paraphrase Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, “They have awakened a sleeping giant.” They being the US Congress, and “We the People” being the sleeping giant.

In the past fifteen months we have witnessed a phenomenal awakening of the American people, but I believe it has only just begun. Over the past few decades of my life I have observed the power of apathy in the midst of the American electorate. We have been lulled to “sleep,” apathy and inaction by liberal media establishment, and by politicians telling us how we can’t change anything but they will. We have been told we don’t understand the modern problems of running a country the size of ours, in a complex world. We have been told the Constitution doesn’t really say what it says, and that it is outdated, impractical just not applicable to our modern problems. We have been told that the framers of the Constitution could not possibly have imagined every new problem we would face, and therefore we just need to “read between the lines” and let the Constitution become a “living document” which changes daily, or evolves to meet our new needs.

Well, “We the People” are awakening and discovering these lies will not cut it any longer. “We the People” are learning of the beauty and power of the Constitution when read for what it is, a concrete compact between the States and “We the People” establishing a federal government of our choosing. “We the People” are coming to see that WE are the power base within the United States of America, and that WE hold the key to the powers that “be” in Washington. “We the People” are learning how we have been duped, we’ve become “mad as hell” and “we’re not going to take it anymore!”

So, now that the House of Representatives have virtually declared war on us and the Constitution, and we have lost a momentary battle; it is time for us – you and me, yes, “We the People” – stand up and let our voices and our votes be heard. It is time to throw all of the bums out of Washington. Yes, all of them! If our, or your, Representative doesn’t adequately represent your interests, then find a candidate who will, and vote for him/her. If your elected official is a RINO (Republican In Name Only), get rid of him/her (in South Carolina can you say Lindsay Grahamnesty?)

It is time for us, “We the People” to rise up and take back our country. If the State governments and legislatures don’t, or won’t work on our behalf, then change them out, too. It is time for us to support and defend the Constitution WE gave them establishing OUR government. This is OUR country, and NOT THEIR’S. Let’s show them who the “real bosses” are, and that we sign their paychecks every two years at the polls. RISE up and join your local 9-12 Group or Tea Party. Take the RATTLE Pledge here on this site, AND let others know you have by responding with a comment. Learn about our, i.e. America’s history, and discover the beauty and awesomeness of what we have inherited. DO SOMETHING besides sit there and watch our country go to hell in a hand basket.

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  1. Bobbie says:

    I took the pledge!

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