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The R.A.T.T.L.E. Pledge

By David Bozarth

“We the People of the United States,” without a doubt this is one of the most important phrases ever uttered by man. Never before had the common citizen had the power to determine, not only his/her representative, but also the leader of a nation.

Yet, have “We the People” been abdicating our power? Since 1960 an average of 45% of “us” has not even bothered to vote. In every case, every single Presidential election since 1960 more people either voted against the winner, or didn’t vote at all. The average percentage of the total vote won by the President is a meager 28½%, leaving 71½% against or completely apathetic.

“We” have chosen apathy over active participation in one of the most precious gifts granted to any citizen in any country. “We” have chosen to believe the lies and misinformation told us by the liberal education establishment, the media, and the politicians we – thus of us who did – voted into office. “We” have opted to let elitists, progressives, liberals, lawyers and statists convince us that the Constitution doesn’t really say what it says.

Then “We” have sat back and complained about those very individuals having too much power, misusing their offices, and taking away our rights. “We” raise our voices for a few days, weeks or months, THEN “We” re-elect them and send them back to doing what they were doing before. “We the People,” the true power base in this country would rather complain than take any legitimate action to correct the situation. “We” have sat back and done little or nothing. All the while voices have been “crying in the wilderness,” warning us of the dangers, calling us to action and foreseeing the current dire situation for years, at least three decades of which I am aware.

I think it’s time for the American voter to take a pledge, and not the politicians. In fact, “We” might need to take a couple, but I’ll start with just one.

“I, David Bozarth, pledge to apply the principles of RATTLE in my daily life. I will use RATTLE to motivate my thoughts, actions and votes both now and in the future.”

So, what is RATTLE?

Responsibility – Freedom requires Responsibility, freedom isn’t free. I, “We,” must take our responsibilities as a citizen in this great country seriously. I will never pass the blame of my vote off on the politician I elected. If the individual occupying the an office as a steward of the public trust was put there with my vote, then his/her inadequacies, improper understanding of the Constitution or whatever have been evident longer than the last election cycle, and I failed in my responsibility in voting for him/her. From now I will take the responsibility of my actions, and my vote. Then I will hold those for whom I have voted RESPONSIBLE for the precious gift of my vote.

Action – Responsibility necessitates Action. I, “We,” cannot be passive any longer. It is not good enough to have “learned,” or to “know” something if I haven’t researched it myself, or taken the initiative to verify the “facts” and “truth” I have read, heard or been taught.

True History – We must take time to learn the True History of the United States of America. Our schools have failed us, and our children. Again, “Why? because “We” have abdicated our responsibilities by voting for incompetent liberals onto our school boards. “We” have not checked, or studied, or researched enough to discover the extreme limitations of the education we received when it comes to American History. American History is unique and special in the course of history. “We” only understand it in part, at best. If we would discover True American History it would change our perspectives, our motivations and our voting.

Treasure – We must internalize the Treasure we have received in this great country. As “We” have now learned True American History, America will become a treasure beyond measure to us. “We” will cherish, and revel in the gift “We” have inherited, and which “We” can now rescue from impending doom. God has given us something beyond unique in this country, and God has entrusted it into our hands.

Link – All of the above must be Linked to your faith, whatever it is. George Washington stated emphatically;

Of all the dispositions and habits, which lead to political prosperity, Religion and Morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of Patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of Men and Citizens. (Emphases added)

Faith, whatever your faith may be, is essential in accomplishing all of the above steps. My faith teaches me responsibility. My faith teaches me that I must do more than pray, study, believe, etc. I must act upon these and make the world a better place. My prayers aren’t good enough if I’m not willing to be a part of the answer.

Encourage – Finally, we must Encourage others to join us. The odds are that one out of every two people we know, or meet do not vote. These apathetic people need to hear about America’s True History and what a Treasure she is. These unmotivated voters need to understand how they can, and will change the course of American History with their vote, and by raising their voices. It is our responsibility to make our actions, and our faith active and living. You can change America by just encouraging one more person to vote.

After we have accomplished RATTLE in our personal lives, then we must RATTLE the politicians, the Federal Government, the State Government and the local governments.

Will you join me today by taking the RATTLE Pledge? Then do so by adding your comment below. You will need to register before commenting.

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One Response to “RATTLE Pledge”

  1. CaptElaine says:

    Oh yes… I can take that pledge.

    Also wanted to comment on the Working Families Party,it is a ‘front’ for labor unions and communists… they run the same people as the ‘Democrats’, so their votes COUNT for the Democrats but also COUNT for their party to get funds from the Feds… also when uninformed voters go to the poles they can vote for the MOST liberal, progressive candidates by voting straight working family ticket… it is a ruse a scam… it is NOT a third party… we don’t NEED a third party, we need to WAKE up and pay attention to the people running for office in BOTH parties… and CUT THE CANCER of socialist, progressive, communists OUT! If we vote for principled people who are willing to FIGHT to uphold the Constitution… we can take our county back.

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